Things to do on Mother’s Day

Say the ultimate thanks to your mum this year with a special Mother’s Day activity. Our list of ideas of things to do for Mother’s Day could be the perfect way of honouring that special lady in your life, whether it’s your mum, grandma, another family member or friend. With ideas suitable for all budgets, we’ve got plenty of inspiration. Whether she likes the finer things in life or prefers to be at one with nature, spending some quality time together will create memories for both of you.

Not going to see your mum on the day or going to have to postpone your Mother’s Day activity? Send a treat for her to enjoy in the meantime – a luxurious chocolate hamper or chocolate box will do the trick!  In fact, we have an entire collection of Mother’s Day chocolate gifts for you to peruse.

Head to the theatre

Perhaps your mum goes wild for a musical or loves the thrill of a cutting-edge drama. If so, why not treat her to a trip to the theatre? With venues all over the country, there’s bound to be something showing this Mother’s Day. Immersive theatre is also a big trend at the moment. From a fun Mother’s Day day out at Mamma Mia! The Party to War of the Worlds featuring futuristic virtual reality, try something completely different this year.

Afternoon tea 

Nothing says Mother’s Day like an afternoon tea – it’s simple, but effective. Take her out or create your own afternoon tea  at home for extra effort points. Some restaurants and cafes may offer special deals where mums go free or host one-off Mother’s Day afternoon teas. This could be a particularly great choice if there’s a group of you. Get together with a friend or family member and their mums - there’s nothing like a Mother’s Day activity to bring people together.

Visit a National Trust property 

National Trust experiences are located all around the UK, and each is as special as the next. Why not head to a National Trust property with your mother this year? Each location has a unique and interesting history and there is plenty to learn and explore. From castles to coastlines, woodland walks to extraordinary homes, the National Trust has a plethora of stunning locations to visit. Alternatively, you could treat her to a National Trust membership, so your mum can visit whenever she likes.

Indulge in a delicious chocolate experience

There’s one thing we’re sure that most mums out there are bound to like, and that’s chocolate. There are plenty of chocolate experiences you can try throughout the UK, from chocolate tasting to chocolate making. We have opened independent Godiva stores and cafes in the following locations to encourage people to come and taste our luxury Belgian chocolate:

  • Bluewater, Kent
  • Canary Wharf, London
  • Covent Garden Market, London
  • Harrods, London
  • Meadow Hall, Sheffield
  • Oxford

Godiva cafes offer a luxury chocolate experience like no other, including the chance to try the exclusive croiffle. Treat your mum to a delicious baked treat, fresh coffee and some precious one-on-one time. Why not sample some delicious truffles for that extra little indulgence?

Try out something she enjoys

What hobbies does your mum have? Perhaps she’s an avid salsa dancer or a regular member of a book club. If so, why not accompany her next time? Offering to do something she loves together is a fabulous thing to do for Mother’s Day and is bound to make her happy. You never know, you might find a new hobby, too.

Head for the great outdoors

We know, we know. It’s March, it’s cold, but don’t let that stop you from embracing the great British countryside this Mother’s Day! We’re lucky enough to have plenty of outdoor spaces to explore, even in bigger cities. If weather permits this Mothering Sunday, think about going for a hike or long walk. Appreciate the stunning views and each other’s company, as well as releasing those all-important endorphins.                           

Make your way to the kitchen

If you’re on a budget and want to involve the whole family, head to the kitchen and treat your mum to a home cooked three-course meal! Let your mum sit back and relax as the rest of the family get to work. You could even include something a little different – perhaps a family-friendly game or a personalised quiz between courses. If starters and mains are taking their toll, our range of truffles or biscuits make the perfect dessert for that sweet after-dinner snack.


One final idea for a Mother’s Day activity is to spend your Sunday helping others. There are plenty of ways you can help out - from walking shelter dogs to beach cleans and cooking at soup kitchens. Not only will volunteering benefit the organisation you choose, but you will also create precious memories with your mum, plus the whole experience will be incredibly gratifying.