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Godiva Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry and Pistachio Pavlovas


Celebrate spring with a recipe that’s perfect for sharing with family and friends. Our delicious pavlovas, topped with fresh summer strawberries, crunchy pistachios and drizzled in dark Godiva chocolate are so simple but delicious.

Godiva Chocolate Drizzled Pavlova




Godiva Chocolate Pancakes recipe


Pancakes for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Celebrate Shrive Tuesday and indulge in a day of deliciousness with our ultimate chocolate pancake recipe using our finest Single Origin Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate Pancake Recipe



Real Pecan Brownies


What better way to tackle Autumn with this delectably Chocolate Pecan Brownie!

Godiva Chocolate Brownie Recipe



Create something fun and tasty this Easter


Create something fun and tasty this Easter!

Godiva Easter Chocolate Nest Recipe




Truffle Lava Cake Recipe


Wow family and friends at any holiday meal with this recipe for molten chocolate cake, made with GODIVA 72% Dark Chocolate Tablet and GODIVA Dark Chocolate Truffles.  

Godiva Truffle Lava Cake



Truffle Eggnog Recipe


Truffle Eggnog recipe

Our indulgent Truffle Eggnog recipe is made using our sumptuous, silky smooth Signature Truffles.



Godiva Winning Dessert available at HIX




Chocolate Truffles Recipe




Chocolate melting pots


What better way to finish a romantic Valentine’s Day meal than with these little warm cakes, delectably unfurling onto your plate in a surge of steaming liquid chocolate. Shall we dig in?

 Romantic Chocolate Melting Pots Recipe