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Mothers Day Godiva Chocolatier

Mother's Day with Godiva Chocolatier


Show Her You Care This Mother's Day With Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolates presents an elegant and thoughtful gift to show your care and affection this Mother's Day, Sunday 30th March.

Godiva Mothers Day Chocolates

This colourfully composed Spring Gift Box is a unique design by Korean-born New York artist Eunju Kang. Known for her bold and vibrant floral prints, this box perfectly conveys the message of love and gratitude inherent in the Gift of Godiva for Mother's Day.

Each box is filled with Godiva's finest milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates, including pralines, ganaches and nougatines, and Godiva's exquisite truffles including the new Truffe Caramel Sale and Truffe Speculoos. The box is perfectly finished with a bright yellow bow.

Godiva Mothers Day Truffles

Godiva Mother's Day Chocolates


Truffe Caramel Salé

Truffe Caramel Salé will transport you to the French seaside, to the stunning coast of Brittany to discover the salt marshes of Guérande, where some of the world’s most mineral intense sea salt is harvested. It is also in Brittany that the tradition of salted butter caramel began and spread like wildfire in the gourmet world.

Godiva Caramel Truffle

Godiva’s chocolatiers are renowned for travelling the world in search of the finest ingredients, spices and cocoas, and this new truffle reflects the desire to source only the very best. The salty sweet combination of sea salt from Guérande and rich, gooey caramel covered in layers of milk and dark chocolate is the pinnacle of pleasure.

Godiva Salted Caramel Truffle



Truffe Speculoos

Take a trip down memory lane with Godiva’s new Truffe Spéculoos, a tribute to a Belgian favourite, the Spéculoos biscuit. This truffle stirs the inner child in all of us. Notes of ginger, clove and cinnamon conjure images of Christmas holidays, of cosy hours spent with family eating, talking and playing by candlelight. The Spéculoos biscuit derives its name from species, Latin for spices.

Godiva Truffle Speculoos

Originally created for children to enjoy on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6th), the Spéculoos satisfies a sweet tooth with simplicity. If chocolate is a Belgian speciality, and the Spéculoos is a Belgian classic, then this new truffle combines two great Belgian ingredients in a scrumptious tribute to Godiva’s birthplace.