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Godiva Truffes Premieres Collection

Godiva Truffes Premieres Collection



Every truffle tells a story

Once upon a time, Godiva distilled its 60 years of exquisite truffle-making experience into a single, sumptuous limited-edition collection. Our Truffes Premières assortment presents 18 superlative truffles in six deliciously different recipes, each with its own rich, exotic tale to tell. And these beguiling, irresistible stories begin the moment you open the box…

Godiva Truffles Premieres


Truffe Speculoos

Take a trip down memory lane with Godiva’s new Truffe Spéculoos, a tribute to a Belgian favourite, the Spéculoos biscuit. This truffle stirs the inner child in all of us. Notes of ginger, clove and cinnamon conjure images of Christmas holidays, of cosy hours spent with family eating, talking and playing by candlelight. The Spéculoos biscuit derives its name from species, Latin for spices.

Godiva Truffle Speculoos

Originally created for children to enjoy on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6th), the Spéculoos satisfies a sweet tooth with simplicity. If chocolate is a Belgian speciality, and the Spéculoos is a Belgian classic, then this new truffle combines two great Belgian ingredients in a scrumptious tribute to Godiva’s birthplace.


Truffe Caramel Salé

Truffe Caramel Salé will transport you to the French seaside, to the stunning coast of Brittany to discover the salt marshes of Guérande, where some of the world’s most mineral intense sea salt is harvested. It is also in Brittany that the tradition of salted butter caramel began and spread like wildfire in the gourmet world.

Godiva Caramel Truffle

Godiva’s chocolatiers are renowned for travelling the world in search of the finest ingredients, spices and cocoas, and this new truffle reflects the desire to source only the very best. The salty sweet combination of sea salt from Guérande and rich, gooey caramel covered in layers of milk and dark chocolate is the pinnacle of pleasure.

Godiva Salted Caramel Truffle


Truffe Mousse de Lait

A riff on milk chocolate, a spin on a classic – this is Godiva’s new Truffe Mousse de Lait. When it comes to getting a chocolate fix, there is no question that milk chocolate is enormously satisfying. This new truffle will completely reawaken your senses to milk chocolate.

Godiva Truffle Mousse

Godiva’s chocolatiers have created a new recipe for a milk chocolate mousse using 43% Venezuelan cocoa chocolate. This cocoa lends the mousse a unique nutty flavour, adding a touch of sophistication to a fond favourite.

Godiva Chocolate Mousse Truffle


Truffe Praliné Armande

Expect the unexpected. Lovers of contrasting texture will delight in new Truffe Praliné Amande. Every bite of this delicious morsel offers a new taste sensation.

Godiva Truffle Praline Amande

Experience the smooth exterior of bittersweet dark chocolate, followed by a contrasting layer of creamy milk chocolate then savour the surprising interior, a milk chocolate praliné injected with crunchy bits of almond and crispy feuilletine flakes. A veritable feast of chocolate flavours accented by hints of nuts and caramel with an incredibly satisfying crunch.

Godiva Praline Amande Truffle


Truffe Noire Intense

Terroir: the combination of geography, geology and climate that lends an agricultural product its unique characteristics. It is the taste of land, the essence of origin, the definition of provenance. Terroir is concept commonly associated with wine, but equally relevant to cocoa.

 Godiva Truffle Noir Intense

Made with 80% Ugandan cocoa dark chocolate ganache, the new Truffe Noire Intense is a celebration of terroir and a reflection of a growing interest in origin chocolate. As its name reveals, this truffle exalts the intensity of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate ganache in the centre has an intriguingly smoky flavour complimented by a smooth dark chocolate shell, accented with crunchy caramelized cocoa nibs.

Godiva Noire Intense Truffle


Truffe Perle Noire

The black pearl, a coveted gem from the South Sea of Tahiti. Tahitian Vanilla, the rare spice known for its intensity of aroma and flavour. Vanilla in general, and Tahitian Vanilla in particular fascinated Pierre Draps, Godiva’s first Chef Chocolatier. He fantasized about making a truffle with this precious spice. He shared his vision for the “ultimate truffle” in one of his many encounters with current Executive Chef Chocolatier Thierry Muret, who in turn, has been safeguarding it until today.

Godiva Truffle Perle Noir

The new Truffe Perle Noire is Godiva’s black pearl of truffles, a present-day interpretation of what would have been Mr. Draps fantasy creation, a stunning tribute to him and his incredible love and passion for his craft.


Godiva Truffes Premières Collection

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