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Godiva Chocolates 141 Regent Street

Godiva Flagship Store, 141 Regent St



Godiva Flagship Store - 141 Regent St, London


Right in the heart of the capital, on one of London’s smartest thoroughfares lies Godiva’s flagship store, at 141 Regent Street.


Godiva 141 Regent st London


Pedestrians are often seen lingering by the windows watching our expert chocolatiers dipping the famous strawberries into indulgently rich Godiva chocolate, before coming inside to choose irresistible gifts for loved ones, or a delicious chocolate-based treat for themselves such as a lovingly prepared Chocolixir drink, or a bespoke-assortment of chocolates prepared at the marbled-top counter, which takes centre stage in the middle of the store.


Sonia Vasquez is the flagship store manager. We caught up with her for a chat on all things chocolate…


Godiva Chocolates Regent St


What’s the best thing about working in a chocolate shop?

It’s such a nice product to work with. Most people are passionate about chocolate – and everyone who comes in here already loves chocolate, so it’s never a hard thing to sell.


When were you first intrigued by chocolate?

Actually, I wasn’t until I started working with Godiva. I was on a training day and we were given a tray of truffles to try. I’d never had one before, and it was, like, wow! It was the framboise truffles in particular that did it for me.


Which other Godiva chocolates are you rather partial to now?

All the other truffles, of course – and the Champagne ones in particuar. But at the moment I adore the ‘Lune Passion’ – white chocolate ganache with passion fruit, enrobed in dark chocolate, they’re something else.


Godiva UK Regent St

Sonia (far right) and her team at Regent Street with Godiva Maitre Chocolatier, Thierry Muret


What’s the most romantic request you’ve ever had at the Godiva boutique?

We sell a lot of heart-shaped boxes filled with our chocolates. One gentleman asked if we could fill the box with our fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate - he also asked us to hide an engagement ring in the middle of the box. As you can imagine we get a lot of requests to hide a ring in the box.


What’s the most frequently asked question in the boutique?

Customers ask about our fillings all the time – what goes in them, which tastes best, that kind of thing. We get quizzed especially on our seasonal pieces - people are always asking us, what’s new? And we always offer them a taste of the new flavours when they are buying.


What’s your favourite season for selling chocolate?

Christmas and Valentine’s Day, obviously, but spring is good – and Easter is always fun. The windows are always very colourful at Easter and it tempts people in. People love to choose the little foil-wrapped eggs to go inside our big chocolate eggs. We have nine different flavours of those.


Any other Easter specials?

We have different sized chocolate eggs, which can be filled with any of our chocolates, including those little foil-wrapped eggs. Our largest egg is our No.3 – it’s about two hands big and has capacity for 33 chocolates. People love to tailor-make their own selections to fill these eggs. Their excitement alone is worth working here.




Godiva Chocolates - 141 Regent St, London


Since 1926 Godiva has been the premier maker of the fine Belgian chocolate. Today the GODIVA brand is known – and loved – in over 80 countries around the world including our Godiva Boutique Chocolate store on Regent Street, London. Find a comprehensive selection of Godiva chocolates. Godiva products are also available online and in department and specialty stores.


Inside Godiva Regent Street


GODIVA that brings the best of Belgium to the world.

141 Regent St



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