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The Allure of Dark Chocolate

The Allure of Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Connoisseur


They say you can tell a lot about a person by which kind of chocolate they prefer. Lovers of dark chocolate have been categorised as sophisticated; people with strong opinions and a penchant for the dramatic. These characteristics may or may not apply to you but one thing is certain; dark chocolate is a taste appreciated by those who want to enjoy chocolate in its most unadulterated form.


Dark chocolate is made from varying amounts of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar. What distinguishes it is that there is no milk added. In Europe chocolate must have at least 35% cacao to be considered dark. 


The allure of dark chocolate comes in the form of its bitter sweetness. It is at once vastly rich yet due to its lower fat content it can feel much lighter than milk or white chocolate.


Instead of being eaten quickly it longs to be savoured. As it begins to melt on the tongue dark chocolate releases different notes and flavours. It is a decidedly adult taste and preference, on par with foods like peppery rocket, grapefruit and fine wines.


Dark chocolate offers a prolonged and pleasurable experience when you eat it. This can be attributed to the recommended ways of making the most of your chocolate tasting:


  • Taking a small bite of the chocolateIconique Coeur Noir

  • Letting it melt for a few seconds

  • Enjoying the aromas and flavours it releases

  • Noting the deeper richer notes

  • Feeling the endorphins and happy sensations it provokes


With its strong flavour profile dark chocolate pairs well with bold foods and full bodied wines. Its allure also extends into the realm of health and wellbeing. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and contains substances such as theobromine, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals; all beneficial to the body.


Whether you are a dark chocolate connoisseur or have yet to discover the joys of this rich gourmet delight, you will find dark chocolate in various forms here on our site.


From rich dark chocolate truffles to 72% cacao Carrés there is something for everyone.