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Say it With a Chocolate Hamper

Say it With a Chocolate Hamper

There is of course a difference between buying chocolate for yourself and buying a chocolate gift for someone else.


When you are looking for a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, the packaging becomes a bit less important. Instead of delighting in gorgeous presentation you are looking to break into the tastiest of truffles and bars, and probably as quickly as possible. Our treats and snacks section has a wide range of delicious indulgences, packaged conveniently for you to enjoy.


Godiva chocolate hamperA chocolate gift, on the other hand, should have an element of excitement. The recipient’s experience begins when they lay eyes on it. There is perhaps nothing more impressive in the world of chocolate and gifts than a lavish chocolate hamper.


A basket brimming with treats sends a message of pampering and grand appreciation. It shows you are willing to go above and beyond a simple gift.



With a chocolate hamper you can: 

- Show your appreciation of valued clients and partners. A chocolate hamper is something that can be easily delivered and shared with the entire office.

- Say thank you to your own staff for a job well done.

- Say ‘I love you’ to your romantic partner.

- Say I ‘I care or I am thinking of you’ to family and friends.



This is a gift that can be ordered and sent with the click of a button. Or, deliver it yourself for maximum emphasis.


Your recipient can then embark on a journey of chocolate discovery, unwrapping boxes of fine truffles, biscuits and chocolate dipped fruit. Its abundance makes it a gift that keeps on giving. It also helps eliminate some of the uncertainty of buying a gift for someone else; we often wonder whether the person will like a certain item we have chosen but with a hamper you can ensure there will be something for all tastes.


No matter the occasion, if you need to make a statement of gratitude, love or appreciation, say it with a chocolate hamper.