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Romantic Gifts: Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Gifts: Ideas for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to choosing a Valentine’s Day gift it goes without saying that the theme is love, and romantic love in particular. This is a time to show the one who lights your fire how much they mean to you. It is also a good chance to either celebrate your deep connection or take your relationship to the next level.


If you are shopping for that special someone we’ve got a roundup of romantic gift ideas to help you really make a statement. We have also included gifts that are appropriate for him to her or her to him.


  • Couples’ Spa Treatments. This is a wonderful way to plan a romantic interlude together. It is a gift that nurtures your connection as a couple and allows you to slip away from it all and really relax. It is also a gift that keeps on giving – you will have a memory of your time spent together and the therapeutic effects will last for days if not weeks. If Spa treatments are not for you personally, consider getting a Spa certificate just for your sweetheart.

    Romantic Valentine Gift


  • Luscious Chocolates. We would not be Godiva if we did not recommend chocolates as one of the ultimate romantic gifts. Chocolate is one of those things that is so deliciously indulgent; it is sensual and sweet, but it also has a deeper meaning. It is a way to show that you truly wish to pamper the person, to provide them with moments of utter enjoyment. A heart-shaped box or heart-shaped truffles also helps convey the meaning of love; similar to a card. Browse our Love Chocolate section for the perfect romantic chocolate gift this year.

  • A Weekend Away. Invite your love on a short getaway. Choose a wonderful destination that you can explore together, or go back to a place you have enjoyed in the past. This sort of gift will not only light up their day but give them something to look forward to. Once there, you can also take advantage of the time to further indulge your love with other surprises- flowers, breakfast in bed, fun outings or a dinner for two. You can also of course take the idea of a romantic getaway and turn it into a week-long holiday- the choice is yours!
  • Jewellery. What is special about jewellery is that it has several intrinsic meanings. It conveys a sense of forever- even the weight of a gold bracelet in the hand seems to signify duration and a long-lasting relationship. For men, a watch or pair of cuff links might be the answer; for women, a pair of diamond studs, an elegant tennis bracelet or charming chain and pendant are all lovely options- unless this is the year you plan to pop the question in which case an entirely different piece of jewellery is in order.
  • The Most Thoughtful of Gifts. The romantic gift options listed above can certainly be thoughtfully chosen. However, there is also something to be said for a gift that is so thoughtful it shows you truly know this person; that you have taken the time to ponder what will surprise and delight them.

Consider their passions, even if it is something that does not involve you whatsoever. A fishing bag for his annual fishing trip, a pair of the best trainers money can buy for her marathon next year; a certificate for coffee from the café where he gets his best writing done, or a donation for the charity she dedicates her time to. You get the idea. It is all about finding something that will make his or her heart sing.

Use these gift ideas to make this the most romantic of Valentine’s Days!

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