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Indulge Well with our British Strawberries

Discover the origin of our famous chocolate dipped strawberries


British Strawberries


As Summer approaches, Godiva have launched their new Indulge Well campaign. Focusing on the health benefits of the divine Godiva 72% cocoa chocolate dipped British strawberries, it proves you can enjoy a delicious yet guiltfree seasonal treat whilst benefitting from multiple health boosts, as we all deserve a treat from time to time!

At Godiva we only source the very best ingredients to match the taste of our premium chocolate. And we are proud to tell you that during the summer months, all our strawberries start their life on our handpicked British farms, where they are lovingly grown by a hardworking team. Strawberry farmers such as Sean Figgis from the E dward Vinson fruit farm in Kent pride themselves on the superb taste of their strawberries and are dedicated to producing the finest varieties available. Each day the especially plump varieties of British strawberries are carefully handpickedand nurtured by proud experts in the beautiful British countryside. 


The strawberries then make their way to our stores where they are freshly dipped by hand every day using 72% cocoa chocolate. The Godiva team have perfected the art of dipping with our finest, rich Belgian chocolate and ripe, succulent British strawberries, creating an irresistible flavour combination perfect for Summer.

Don’t be fooled by the deliciously juicy summer fruits size. Although small, they are packed full of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and powerful heart health boosters, including ellagic acid and flavonoids. Our decadent chocolate also contains serotonin, known to lift your mood and the high-percentage of cocoa in the chocolate provides essential minerals like iron, magnesium and copper. Making it the perfect match for the sweet British summer strawberries. So why not Indulge Well with British strawberries this summer?

Served in a paper cone, our Godiva chocolate dipped strawberries are £10 and so delicious you’ll be coming back for more! Godiva dipped strawberries can be found in the following stores, also available dipped in our finest milk, 50% cocoa dark or white Belgian chocolate.


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