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Gifts for Chocolate Purists: Tablets and Bars

Gifts for Chocolate Purists:Tablets and Bars


When it comes to buying a chocolate gift for someone special you of course have many options. Godiva brings you everything from luscious filled truffles to chocolate biscuits. For chocolate purists, however, there is simply nothing better than a high quality gourmet chocolate tablet or bar.

These virtually unadulterated chocolate delights allow the sampler to truly appreciate every note. They can also be broken into the perfect bite size morsels; great for a chocolate tasting or enjoying a square after a meal.

If you yourself are the chocolate purist you are shopping for, a chocolate tablet or bar makes for the ultimate individual indulgence as well.


Pure Chocolate Tablets

To sample chocolate in its purest form you can go for a chocolate tablet bar or square with no added flavours. Our Milk Chocolate Tablet with 31% cocoa is a great example, as is the Dark Chocolate Tablet.

We also recommend our Chocolate Carrés collection, an assortment of individually wrapped chocolate squares.

These chocolates represent the best work of our fine chocolatiers, with nothing to obstruct their flavour and pleasure.




Chocolate Bars and Tablets with Fruit

Having mentioned the pleasure of chocolate with no added flavourings it must be said that you simply cannot go wrong with the combination of chocolate and fruit. Some things in nature were simply meant for each other!

Try our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar, or the Milk Chocolate Strawberry tablet; it is like eating a chocolate dipped strawberry!

Chocolate with Nuts

You can also opt for a chocolate tablet studded with rich, crunchy nuts. Made famous for its unique praline, Godiva has made an art form out of creating the perfect combination of chocolates with various nuts. Try pairings such as Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts.


Unique Chocolate Tablet Flavours

One of the true joys in the gourmet world is discovering unique flavour combinations that really highlight the essence of each ingredient. For those with more adventurous taste buds we offer Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel. These plays of sweet and salt are guaranteed to stimulate your senses.


Our White Chocolate Tablet with Vanilla Beans is another heavenly flavour combination you simply cannot miss.

Whether for a friend, relative or that special someone, the perfect gift for chocolate purists can be found in our selection of fine