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Chocolate Challenge recipe - Heather Bennett

Make Heather Bennett's dessert 'Come fly with me' - Godiva Chocolate Challenge 2015 winner. 

'This dish has been inspired by the classic French Concorde, like its namesake and Godiva it is a symbol of Luxury. Delicious chocolate meringue with some “touches of pink” raspberry meringue surround layers of raspberry meringue, milk chocolate mousse, caramelised almonds and delicate rose cream.' Heather Bennett

Heather Bennett 'Come Fly with Me'


Preparation time: 4 hours (all can be done in advance) - Serves 6

Part 1 - Toasted Nuts


¼ tsp Ground Pepper

Pinch sea salt

50g Sugar

70g Water

100g Whole blanched almonds


•         Heat oven to 150º c

•         Mix together water, sugar, salt and pepper

•         Cut almonds into batons

•         Soak nuts for a few minutes

•         Scatter on lined baking tray and bake until golden, approx 10 mins

•         Remove and scatter with additional pinch sea salt

•         Leave to cool, then separate form each other


Part 2 - Basic Meringue


195g Egg Whites

3g Cream of Tartar

235g Caster Sugar


•         Whisk egg whites, 1/3rd of sugar and cream of tartar on a low speed to ensure no large air pockets are created

•         When mixture has come together to look a little velvety gradually add the remaining sugar. Continue whisking for a further few minutes


Part 3 - Chocolate Meringue


216g Basic meringue

27g Cocoa Powder

117g Icing sugar


•         Sift cocoa powder and icing sugar together, gently fold through cocoa & icing mixture until combined

•         Pipe individual lines onto a tray lined with parchment. 

•         Bake at 60°c for 2hrs 50mins 


Part 4 - Raspberry Meringue


216g Basic meringue

15g Freeze dried raspberries – blitzed into a powder

117g Icing sugar


•         Sift raspberry powder and icing sugar together, once sieved add back in seeds, gently fold through raspberry & icing mixture until combined

•         Pipe 18 discs onto parchment using a pre-drawn template. Pipe individual lines with remaining meringue

•         Bake at 60°c for 3hrs


Part 5 - Chocolate Mousse


125g Whipping cream

290g Milk chocolate

15g unsalted butter

190g Whipping cream


•         Boil 125g cream, remove from heat and add in butter

•         Pre melt chocolate in microwave, pour cream mixture over chocolate and emulsify to create a ganache

•         Semi whip cream and set aside in fridge until ganache has reached 34°c

•         Fold through cream into ganache. Cover surface with cling film and leave to set up in fridge until required


Part 6 - Rose Cream


132g Whipping cream

5/8th Rose Water


•         Whisk whipping cream till its fully whipped

•         Add rose water and mix through


For the Plate

Ingredients: Fresh Raspberries


Heather Bennett's dessert



•         Pipe a dot of meringue to cake card to stop base layer slipping

•         Scatter almonds on 6 discs

•         Pipe 12 discs with chocolate mousse (include the above 6 discs with almonds)

•         Pipe a circle of mousse around outside of remaining 6 discs, fill with the rose cream

•         Place raspberry halves on top of the mousse on the discs with the almonds

•         Place mousse and cream disc on top of the disc with nuts and raspberry. Place final disc on top

•         Spread a thin layer of mousse around the outside of the cake (like a crumb coat)

•         Break meringue lines into small sticks and place around the cake ensuring to leave some sticking out to create height and width, ensuring they are as close together as possible.

•         Dust with sieved icing sugar and grated freeze dried raspberry powder