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Caramel Sale Chocolate of the week

Godiva Caramel Sale Chocolate of the week

Introducing our new limited edition collection: Gold Icons 

Spotlight on: Ecusson Caramel Sale, Salted Caramel & LIme

This vibrant green lion shield surely stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons! A combination of sweet-salted caramel and refreshing lime is encased by a smooth white chocolate shell. A beautiful colour created with only natural flavours, this chocolate is bursting with character and a must to try as part of Gold Icons.

Godiva caramel Sale and Lime

Designed to colour your senses with each different flavour combination, Gold Icons will take you on a multi-sensorial journey of discovery. Experience sweet salted caramel sale complimented by a refreshing hint of lime encased in smooth white chocolate shell. 

Treat a loved one to Gold Icons, one of our most daring collections to date and discover the limited-edition collection of 8 exquisite flavours, available in a 6 or 8-piece gift box 


Godiva New Gold Icons - 6pcsGodiva New Gold Icons - 18pcs