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Discover the Godiva Easter Atelier Egg 2017

Discover the Godiva Easter Atelier Egg 2017 



Godiva Giant Chocolate Easter egg


On 13th and 14th March the magic of Godiva chocolates came to life as Chef Chocolatiers Jean Apostolou and Ilse Wilmots invited Londoners to come and watch the live decoration our giant Easter Atelier Eggs.


When designing the 2017 Easter Atelier Egg at their workshop in Brussels, Belgium, the aim of chef Jean and Ilse was to create something spectacular, and weighing in at 13kg the chocolate eggs were definitely that. But not only did the eggs need to be impressive in size, they were of course a masterpiece of true skill and creativity. Taking inspiration from Godiva’s Spring Collection packaging, the Atelier Eggs were designed to include individual, pastel coloured butterflies, of course made from Belgian chocolate. 

“We have chosen to decorate the 2017 Atelier Egg in white chocolate butterflies, but they are so delicate therefore we must visit London to complete the eggs at their chosen stores.” 

Jean Apostolou, Chef Chocolatier.


Godiva Chocolates Giant Easter Egg

Five giant eggs, sculpted in Belgium, made their way to five prestigious Godiva stores in London: starting at the flagship boutique on Regent Street, then they then arrived at Harrods, Selfridges, St Pancras International and Covent Garden. Jean and Ilse set out to decorate their giant egg creations in each store while shoppers stood by to watch the action. 


 “Each butterfly is handmade, and fixed to the egg using melted chocolate, we use a cooling spray to allow the chocolate to set quickly and keep the decoration place.” Ilse Wilmots, Chef Chocolatier




Godiva Chocolates Giant Easter Egg

Each Atelier egg took around two hours to complete, a process that required precision and concentration from the chefs, however they still had time to chat to customers and pose for photos from excited shoppers!


Passers-by enjoyed delicious treats including our signature chocolate dipped fresh strawberries as they gathered in crowds to watch the master chocolatiers in action. 



Godiva Chocolates Giant Easter EggKnown for snapping some of the most exciting scenes in London, we were excited to invite the trio behind Instagram’s @London to join us at Godiva Selfridges and St Pancras.  With a true passion for London, art and chocolate they were the perfect team to help us capture the story of the Easter Atelier Egg, and a celebration of the beginning of spring! 


Take a look at their story below - video by @LONDON Instagram team:



Godiva Giant Chocolate Easter Egg

Each decorated egg is now on display at Godiva stores in London: Harrods, Selfridges, St Pancras International and Covent Garden, so if you’re looking to treat a chocolate lover to the ultimate gift this Easter, then look no further than the Giant Easter Atelier Egg, a handcrafted masterpiece made with your favourite Godiva Belgian chocolate. 





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