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Godiva is celebrating 90 years with Oli-B

Godiva 90th Anniversary 

Oli-B coomissioned for Godiva Anniversary Colleciton


Godiva is celebrating 90 years of craftmanship with our New Anniversary Collection featuring design by Belgian artist Oli-B.



Oli-B Portrait

Inspired by popular culture, Oli-B's work spans a huge array of media: acrylic, spray paint as well as screen printing techniques which are presented on a wide variety of Godiva Gold Anniversary Collectionsurfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, street walls and even stickers. His colourful, graphic aesthectic can be traced back to his training as a graphic designer at Brussels' Saint Luc University. From his childhood through to his university years, Oli-B spent much ofhis free time teaching himself to paint and developing his striking style.



The supremely talented Belgian artist, Oli-B, was commissioned to work his artistic magic on GODIVA's iconic Gold box. Full of energy, the young Belgian has created a tableau of vibrant colours for this collection. 'I wanted to make the box colourful and joyful - 90 years in business is a cause for great celebration, so my main inspiration was fireworks and all the energy, colour and happiness that they bring.'


Oli-B painting