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Godiva is celebrating 90 years of craftsmanship

Godiva 90th Anniversary 

Celebrating the Past, Crafting the Future


Godiva is celebrating 90 years of craftsmanship with our New Anniversary Collection.


“The Gold Collection contains eight of our most precious and iconic chocolates alongside a brand new fresh and fragrant rose and raspberry-flavoured piece. This collection is where tradition and imagination artfully come together” – Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou.


The Godiva story began in 1926, when the inspirational Belgian chocolatier Pierre Draps created his very first pralines. In 2016, Godiva is proud to celebrate 90 years of innovation and artisanship with nine special chocolates. A delicious meeting of the past and present, this limited collection is both sweetly nostalgic and at the cutting edge of chocolate and design innovation; created to honour the brand’s 90th anniversary.

Godiva Gold Anniversary Collection



Every chocolate tells its own unique story; the ‘Lady Noir’, lovingly recreates one of Pierre Draps’ earliest recipes, while the ‘Signature Lait’ is a velvety coffee ganache, decorated with a feather and created for the movie ‘Gone With The Wind’ in 1939. The rich milk chocolate encased liquid caramel ‘Ecusson’, bears a lion rampant to mark Godiva’s appointment to the Royal Court of Belgium in 1968. Other historical pieces include: the Coeur Blanc (1945), Noblesse (1959), Nippon (1972), Azteque (1992) and Mousse Meringue (2015).


Godiva Anniversary Chocolate Egerie NoirThe final piece of the collection is the ‘Egérie Noir’; created by one of Godiva’s expert chocolatiers, Chef Jean Apostolou. Egérie Noir introduces a complex, contemporary creation of the smoothest raspberry ganache, delicately balanced with essence of rose petals and encased in rich, dark Belgian chocolate. Both the filling and the shape of the shell are intriguing new creations – a testament to Godiva’s innovative flair. The delicate rose and raspberry flavour is one that will play an appealing part in the chocolatier’s 90th year.

Godiva Gold Anniversary Collection


The supremely talented Belgian artist, Oli B, was commissioned to work his artistic magic on Godiva’s iconic gold box. Full of verve and energy, the young Belgian has created a montage of vibrant colours, evoking the joyous drama of fireworks. Oli B elaborates: “I wanted to make the box colourful and joyful – 90 years in business is a cause for great celebration, so my main inspiration was fireworks and all the energy, colour and happiness that they bring”. Signalling an exciting year of collaboration between the young artist and Godiva, chocolate and art-lovers should expect the spectacular, all year long!