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Godiva 90th Anniversary New Rose & Raspberry Chocolixir and Soft Serve


Introducing our new 90th Anniversary

Rose & Raspberry Chocolixir and Soft Serve


Throughout 2016, Godiva Chocolatier celebrates its 90th year … quite a milestone and to celebrate, our super-talented chefs have created a delicious new commemorative Rose & Raspberry Chocolixir.

Honouring 9 decades of chocolate mastery, the Belgian chocolatier continues to unveil exquisite anniversary products throughout 2016.


Freshly prepared to order in Godiva’s boutiques, the multi-layered and flavourful drink is a cooling sweet summertime treat. Crafted from creamy white Godiva chocolate, the Rose and Raspberry Chocolixir is crushed with ice, drizzled with an elegant Rose & Raspberry sauce and sprinkled with crispy raspberry pieces.



The signature flavour of Godiva’s 90th anniversary, the fresh and fragrant Rose & Raspberry was dreamed up by one of Godiva’s five esteemed chef chocolatiers, Jean Apostolou, who describes it as “a wonderfully unique flavour that calls up sweet memories of springtime.”



Stay cool this summer wit our delicious Limited Edition Rose & Raspberry Soft Serve. Crafted in celebration of our 90th Anniversary, the Rose & Raspberry Soft Serve is a satisfyingly smooth swirl of creamy decadence, sure to delight the senses.

The delightful Rose & Raspberry Chocolixir and Soft Serve are available in Godiva’s boutiques from May 2016.

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