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Godiva 90th Anniversary Dessert '1926'

Introducing '1926' -

90th Anniversary Dessert 

Godiva 90th Anniversary Dessert

1926 - Anniversary Rose & Raspberry Dessert

Throughout 2016, Godiva Chocolatier celebrates its 90th year … quite a milestone and to celebrate, our super-talented chefs have created a sumptuous new commemorative pastry called, suitably enough, ‘1926’.


1926 is a resplendent Rose & Raspberry dessert, made with a light rose-petal parfait and raspberry confit. This enticing mixture is delicately layered over moist raspberry financier and crunchy feuilletine. The entire creation is coated a spectacularly shiny raspberry glaze.


You can enjoy this exclusive, limited-edition dessert from 1 March to 31 December 2016 only at our Godiva Chocolate Cafés in Istanbul, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


1926 — a year (and a dessert) to remember.



Visit our Godiva Café in Harrods to try our '1926' dessert.


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