Godiva Chocolate Cafe



On the second floor of Harrods, the world’s most famous department store, in London’s Knightsbridge, a steady stream of shoppers clutching carrier bags and licking their lips head, with purpose, to an aromatic corner. There, after Gifts & Stationary, and next to Kitchen Appliances, is their gastronomic goal –


The Godiva Chocolate Café



Godiva Chocolate Cafe at Harrods


They wait patiently for a table – queues regularly form for one of the coveted tables at busier times, but then this is no ordinary café. Godiva Chocolate Café, as the name suggests, is a chocolate café – with chocolate-coloured shelves, and chocolate-coloured tiles and a neon Lady Godiva marking the entrance.

And we’re talking hot chocolate to beat them all, chocolate cakes that will stop you in your tracks and chocolate crepes that will keep you coming back for more.


Indeed the smartly dressed lady sitting at a corner table visits almost every day for her chocolate fix, whispers manager Ombretta Romani. It turns out that there are lots of regulars at Godiva Chocolate Café.

Many come for the Hot Chocolate Suckao Shots, an intense espresso-sized cup of melted chocolate, either milk, dark or white. And they come for the Hot Chocolixir, warm chocolate ganache mixed with steamed milk and topped with a milky foam. And, come rain, shine or snow they order the Ice Cream Chocolixir, more rich and creamy chocolate ganache whipped up with ice cream.


The Godiva Hot Chocolixir


The Godiva Ice Cream Chocolixir

The crepes, too, cause similar excitement and are hugely popular, reports Romani. They are served four different ways, with the Godiva Milk Chocolate stuffed crepe and whipped cream topping the chart for good reason – it prompts a satisfied silence on the neighbouring table as a family of four reverently tuck in.

The piece de resistance, though, is the patisserie. Glorious cakes pretty much all with a chocolate theme – even the crème brulée is topped with chocolate-covered orange zest. Though scoring the highest marks on looks and taste is the aptly named Sin Cake.

There is a dark and milk chocolate version of this stunning ganache-glazed cake with a cocoa-dusted ‘bean’, wrapped in fine layers of crisp chocolate, which hides a silky mousse interior laced with crunchy nuggets. And as if this isn’t enough, there’s a warm Godiva chocolate sauce on the side. Is it a sin if it makes you this happy? We think not.


The Godiva Chocolate Café


Godiva Chocolate Cafe at Harrods